Top luxury glass bottle: Bombay Sapphire Revelation hits Hong Kong

Here is a top luxury bottle, Bombay Sapphire Revelation has arrived at Hong Kong International airport. You may well ask what Bombay Sapphire Revelation actually is; I certainly did, but a little digging revealed all.

At US$200,000 per glass bottle, Bombay Sapphire Revelation is a very exclusive, limited edition collection of five hand-crafted Bombay Sapphire bottles. They are a collaboration between Bacardi, crystal maker Baccarat, Garrard the jeweler and design talent Karim Rashid, are crafted from crystal and are decorated with diamonds and sapphires.
These astonishing glass bottles have been touring key international airports since 2008. Anyone buying one does however also get a year supply of Bombay Sapphire to accompany their purchase.
Bombay Sapphire also created a new gin-based cocktail for the unveiling back in 2008, the Sapphire Revalation. With the exception of Bombay Sapphire, I have all the ingredients in the house and will be trying it tonight–watch this space.
As a Luxury Spirits Bottles company, Bombay Sapphire, one of the world leading premium gins, continues its strong investment in global marketing activity with the launch of new items.