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In the USA, The undisputed leader in the glass container industry at the end of the first decade of the 2000s was Owens-Illinois Inc., with 24,000 employees and 2008 revenues of $7.88 billion that fell to $6.63 billion in 2010. Owens-Illinois Inc. (0-I) acquired the VDL Co., a glass container plant in Vergeze, France, in August 2011. VDL’s plant is located near the Nestle Waters Perrier bottling facility, which will enable O-I to become the primary supplier of glass bottles for the Perrier brand as well as the top global bottled water company, Nestle Waters. In addition, Jose Lorente, president of O-I, indicated that “O-I has the opportunity to support some of the preeminent brands in the water segment and reinforce glass position in this important category.”

Second in the U.S. Glass packaging industry was Saint-Gobain Containers Inc., with 4,000 employees and estimated sales up to $869.3 million for fiscal year of 2007. Tampa, Florida-based Anchor Glass Container Corp., formerly a subsidiary of the now-bankrupt Canada Consumers Packaging, was another industry leader, with estimated 2007 sales of $290.5 million. The company operated eight glassmaking plants serving the food and beverage markets with Anheuser-Busch as its largest consumer. Anchor Glass revenues grew to an estimated $800 million in 2010 with about 2,900 employees. Others glass container making factory’s scale not up to their basic standards.