50ml Amber Essential Oil Bottle with Black Dropper Cap

The neck size is 18mm.

Volume is 50ml.

Color is amber

Material glass
Color  blue/clear/amber/green/frosted
Cap type screw dropper cap/childproof cap/tamper proof cap/pump cap
Capacity 5ml,10ml ,15ml 20ml ,30ml ,50ml ,100ml ,120ml
    Neck Height Diameter Weight
5ml 18mm 50mm 22mm 22g
10ml 18mm 58mm 25mm 27.5g
15ml 18mm 65mm 29mm 33g
20ml 18mm 71mm 28.5mm 35g
30ml 18mm 78mm 33mm 48g
50ml 18mm 92mm 39mm 55g
100ml 18mm 112mm 44.5mm 95g
Printing Label printing according to customer’s requirements