2L Brown Swing Top Growler from factory of Baolinglass.com

A growler with handle. A growler with style! Your friends will be impressed before you ever crack the lid. What a growler? you ask – typically it is a plain 1 gallon glass jar with a screw cap that is used to store, move and serve your draft beer. The growler is filled from the tap (we suggest filling a cold growler from the bottom with a section of 1/2″ id tubing connected to your faucet) and then transporting to friends. This is much easier than moving a whole keg, and it limits your friends consumption of your homebrew!

This ancient looking, german-styled model, is certainly the Rolls Royce of growlers. Have you ever ridden in a Rolls Royce? I haven’t, but I imagine this growler will deliver you that same type of high-roller experience without those annoyingly spendy maintenance costs.

A #10 Stopper fits in the opening. This is big bottle, and his price also expensive, but their quality and volume also in line with his price, you will like it.

We also can custom produce for you, the shape, volume, color and handle, all can custom produce new requirements for you.